Our Philosophy

Brown Cosmetics, Inc. created Dem Edges Tinted Edge Control® to promote healthy hair and scalps and help women and men take control of their hair loss.

Dem Edges was created by Brown Cosmetics, Inc.'s manager, Tasha Brown.  Tasha experienced thinning hair due to a myriad of health challenges she was undergoing including breast cancer, early menopause and thyroid issues.  The medical issues and the medicine she was taking, had an impact on her hair.  She noticed her edges beginning to thin and to conceal them she would use mascara in her edge control. When that solution did not work, she decided to seek out a company to help her bring the idea to life.  She worked with a chemist at a manufacturing company and Dem Edges Tinted Edge Control® was born.

We do not believe that Dem Edges should substitute a healthy hair care regimen but we do believe that Dem Edges is a good complement to any hair care or hair growth regimen.  Whether you are taking hair growth vitamins, using serums, or using drops, Dem Edges will help keep your edges laid and moisturized with Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

Dem Edges does not contain any harmful ingredients.  

It is Paraben-free, mineral-oil free, and alcohol-free.  

It does not get white or flaky.

Dem Edges can be used to help conceal thin edges giving the appearance of a fuller hairline. It also provides temporary gray coverage and tames unruly edges.

Best practice is the use the edge control to style your edges and set them with a scarf or wrap strips.

Dem Edges is here to help weave wearers, braid wearers, relaxed, and naturals get the hair styles and hair lines, they desire.  Order yours today!